Monday, 7 December 2009


at the moment i'm loving effy's style from season three of skins. i know im a bit late jumping on the bandwagon but i was really hesitant about watching the new series after i heard about the cast change. i still prefer the old cast. they sort of dissapeared into thin cassie and sid ever find eachother?
but i really think they did a good job with effy's clothing. i LOVE the boots she's wearing in the first photo. and the top in the second. i'm definatly going to have to invest in some black oversized dresses/t-shirts.

another great inspiration is the small-time dj goldierocks. they did a fact-file thing about her in a nylon magazine a few months ago, she's great and her fashion will really impress you. LOOK AT THAT COAT. and only goldierocks could make a national football jersey look good.
check out her myspace! list wouldn't be complete without one of the olsens. in my opinion mary-kate has a better fashion sense. but thats just me. i just think she captures the messy, boho, hungover look better. love the glasses MK.

uffie has captured my heart with the oh-so fashionable video of her single 'pop the glock' makes me want to do the tootsie roll with the sexy lads in the video ;)

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: the party by justice feat. uffie


  1. skins :)
    series 4 out some time after new year
    that tune is sooo catchy
    i wish i had a swimming pool in my back garden

  2. yes yes MK is sooo amazing! Love her style... and you blog!!!!