Tuesday, 1 December 2009


hi everyone
today's the last day of my short holiday from school and i think i spent my time wisely. i had tea and biscuits for breakfast and spent the day with B looking at outdoor markets and jumping around on trampolines. Today's purchases include a brown leather across the shoulder bag with great detail on the buckle and some pale pink jazz shoes. I cant wait to wear them out. The winters been taking it's toll on me now that i have a dreadful cold and spend copious amounts of time snorting medical nose-spray, taking paracetamol and blowing my nose.
since its the first day of december i can officially start to eat the chocolates from my advent calender! i got a pink smarties calender this year.
oh my gosh! the amount of twihard fans packing the cinemas waiting to watch new moon is crazy. i wasn't actually able to keep walking down the road with the amount if peole blocking the road so i had to walk on the street and got soaked by a passing car driving in a puddle.
thanks mate.
also, at school if you overhear any conversation between females it always goes a bit like this.
''like oh emmm geeee that bit where jacob is shirtless in rain i was like marry me''
''oh i know he's so gorgeous i could do him right now!''
to be honest i'm getting a bit tired of it.. im sure it'll die down when something else big happens, like if zac efron is caught doing a line or giving his leftovers from mc donalds to a homeless man. i bet if he did give some shitty leftovers to a poor person he'd be awarded the nobel peace prize or something. eugh.
its one day closer to the weekend!

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: lets go surfing by the drums

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