Wednesday, 2 December 2009


i am crazy, silly, in a weird mood. yep.
back to school today and had a pretty relaxing day. in photography i took some pictures of my friend blowing bubbles with my polaroid and lomography cameras. you'll have to wait until i scan them in silly's.
hope everyone is having a gooooood week. getting excited for christmas and all..number one on my christmas list this year?
spending money to take on my holiday this june.
i know its far away but me and a five friends have planned a holiday for when we all finish exams this year.
we're starting in spain and spending a week in barcelona. then moving on to ibiza for the party scene. then the glastonbury festival in england, theeeeen oxygen fest in dublin. we're going to walk around ireland for a while. camping and hitching rides then at the end of the summer in mid-august we're off to V fest.
i've got enough money to cover the costs but i'd like a little extra to spend on clothes from dodgy festival stalls, ALCOHOL and maybe a nice hotel for a few nights in ibiza instead of student lodgings.
i cant wait and even though its far away we booked our plane tickets and hotel room and bought our fest tickets because everything's cheaper when you buy it early!
ahhh. getting excited about that makes me happy.
you know what also makes me happy? HOT CHOCOLATE and mens gentiles (well every mans gentiles except old guys, disney stars, and twilight stars). wow. i think i'm a betrayal to the female race by saying i think stephenie meyer is a terrible writer and i spent the entire film of twilight throwing popcorn at the bald guy infront of me to amuse myself.

have a good day. smoke up, pop pills, eat healthy.

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to: 1967 by steve aoki

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