Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009


at the moment i'm loving effy's style from season three of skins. i know im a bit late jumping on the bandwagon but i was really hesitant about watching the new series after i heard about the cast change. i still prefer the old cast. they sort of dissapeared into thin air..do cassie and sid ever find eachother?
but i really think they did a good job with effy's clothing. i LOVE the boots she's wearing in the first photo. and the top in the second. i'm definatly going to have to invest in some black oversized dresses/t-shirts.

another great inspiration is the small-time dj goldierocks. they did a fact-file thing about her in a nylon magazine a few months ago, she's great and her fashion will really impress you. LOOK AT THAT COAT. and only goldierocks could make a national football jersey look good.
check out her myspace!
http://www.myspace.com/djgoldierocksthis list wouldn't be complete without one of the olsens. in my opinion mary-kate has a better fashion sense. but thats just me. i just think she captures the messy, boho, hungover look better. love the glasses MK.

uffie has captured my heart with the oh-so fashionable video of her single 'pop the glock' makes me want to do the tootsie roll with the sexy lads in the video ;)

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: the party by justice feat. uffie

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


i am officially in love
ooooh it is love, my dears.
i'm on my fourth bowl.
just thought i would share that with you

-A..keep brushing kiddies


i am crazy, silly, in a weird mood. yep.
back to school today and had a pretty relaxing day. in photography i took some pictures of my friend blowing bubbles with my polaroid and lomography cameras. you'll have to wait until i scan them in silly's.
hope everyone is having a gooooood week. getting excited for christmas and all..number one on my christmas list this year?
spending money to take on my holiday this june.
i know its far away but me and a five friends have planned a holiday for when we all finish exams this year.
we're starting in spain and spending a week in barcelona. then moving on to ibiza for the party scene. then the glastonbury festival in england, theeeeen oxygen fest in dublin. we're going to walk around ireland for a while. camping and hitching rides then at the end of the summer in mid-august we're off to V fest.
i've got enough money to cover the costs but i'd like a little extra to spend on clothes from dodgy festival stalls, ALCOHOL and maybe a nice hotel for a few nights in ibiza instead of student lodgings.
i cant wait and even though its far away we booked our plane tickets and hotel room and bought our fest tickets because everything's cheaper when you buy it early!
ahhh. getting excited about that makes me happy.
you know what also makes me happy? HOT CHOCOLATE and mens gentiles (well every mans gentiles except old guys, disney stars, and twilight stars). wow. i think i'm a betrayal to the female race by saying i think stephenie meyer is a terrible writer and i spent the entire film of twilight throwing popcorn at the bald guy infront of me to amuse myself.

have a good day. smoke up, pop pills, eat healthy.

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to: 1967 by steve aoki

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


today i spent the day with B, we were over at his house and played an epic battle of super mario bros on his wii. and afterwards we went out to meet some friends at some trashy bar. i wore worn out denim shorts, black tights and an oversized mint green top. i had slightly too much tequila and ended up licking lemons off peoples stomachs. hmmm :(
i woke up back at B's house on his kitchen counter with a cheap tattoo from a bubble-gum wrapper on my forehead. B ran out to starbucks to get me a toffee nut latte and we spent the day watching the flinstones. we came across this song and spent the day doing the 'twist' and eating chinese.

hope everyone is having a great time at school/work/life etc

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: girl you really got me going by the kinks


hi everyone
today's the last day of my short holiday from school and i think i spent my time wisely. i had tea and biscuits for breakfast and spent the day with B looking at outdoor markets and jumping around on trampolines. Today's purchases include a brown leather across the shoulder bag with great detail on the buckle and some pale pink jazz shoes. I cant wait to wear them out. The winters been taking it's toll on me now that i have a dreadful cold and spend copious amounts of time snorting medical nose-spray, taking paracetamol and blowing my nose.
since its the first day of december i can officially start to eat the chocolates from my advent calender! i got a pink smarties calender this year.
oh my gosh! the amount of twihard fans packing the cinemas waiting to watch new moon is crazy. i wasn't actually able to keep walking down the road with the amount if peole blocking the road so i had to walk on the street and got soaked by a passing car driving in a puddle.
thanks mate.
also, at school if you overhear any conversation between females it always goes a bit like this.
''like oh emmm geeee that bit where jacob is shirtless in rain i was like marry me''
''oh i know he's so gorgeous i could do him right now!''
to be honest i'm getting a bit tired of it.. im sure it'll die down when something else big happens, like if zac efron is caught doing a line or giving his leftovers from mc donalds to a homeless man. i bet if he did give some shitty leftovers to a poor person he'd be awarded the nobel peace prize or something. eugh.
its one day closer to the weekend!

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: lets go surfing by the drums