Tuesday, 1 December 2009


today i spent the day with B, we were over at his house and played an epic battle of super mario bros on his wii. and afterwards we went out to meet some friends at some trashy bar. i wore worn out denim shorts, black tights and an oversized mint green top. i had slightly too much tequila and ended up licking lemons off peoples stomachs. hmmm :(
i woke up back at B's house on his kitchen counter with a cheap tattoo from a bubble-gum wrapper on my forehead. B ran out to starbucks to get me a toffee nut latte and we spent the day watching the flinstones. we came across this song and spent the day doing the 'twist' and eating chinese.

hope everyone is having a great time at school/work/life etc

-A..keep brushing kiddies
song to brush your teeth to tonight: girl you really got me going by the kinks

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