Friday, 30 April 2010


swimming pools, corona extra, diet coke, converse, dancing, cheap wine, rich people, bare chests, vomit, messy hair, glitter, smudged eye-makeup, sex, washed up lovers, cheating, pimps, old cars, jack daniels, blackberries, downtown, electro, baggy t-shirts, short shorts, delirium, getting baked, filthyness, acid, bong, bubblegum, freckled, pounding hearts, brooklyn boys, thecobrasnake, freaks, getting turned on, dirrrty shows, rappers, glasses, all nighters, cd's, drunkness, dj's, fighting, the wild west, being broke, apartments, city lights, the rolling stones, mick jagger, kick out, noise control police, gaspard auge, stoned off our faces, the youth, i dont care, smashed, toilet fucking,

Sunday, 25 April 2010


and so the pretty boy called me. yay, he took me out to central park and we flew kites and laughed and talked and we drank hot chocolate. it was nice, hope everyone had a lovely weekend. this sunday morning i watched Casablanca with my friend Jonnie, its his favourite film too and he cooked me french toast.
also i have my tickets to melt! festival in germany, i am going this summer to visit my friend Y and my meet up with my friend C from australia.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


babbling when a fucking sexy lad says ''hey how are you?'' while your cramped together on the subway during rush hour.
i couldn't resist it. i mean he had curly brown hair, was waif-like, was half american and half mexican and we got into a deep discussion about We Are Scientists. yum. i also managed to get the ''so whats your number?'' conversation in. sooooooo i am waiting for LA PHONE CALL.
any way i'm off out clubbing so maybe i will see some pretty boys to distract me until he calls me



Sunday, 18 April 2010

reasons why i love new york, being young and ready to PARTY

1. paper crowns, cheap beer and dirty dishes seem so much nicer at 3am

2. You, always look good. even when you're hungover and have head your head in the toilet all morning

3. Every photo of you taken when you're drunk or high looks amazing and artsy

4. Sequins will never go out of fashion
5. Looking like a hobo is sexy

6. We stay thin
7. Everyday is halloween
8. We can kill anyone who doesnt think we're the best fucking thing ever

9. Glasses are even sexier
10. No matter how trashy we look in photos, its still beautiful

11. native american headbands + red hooker shoes + polaroid
12. We'll never choke on our bubblegum

13. We look like we belong in an old lomography photos from 1977
14. DJ-ing while mindlessly drunk is the newest cool thing
15. The beach at dusk, with no bottoms seems like so much more fun

i like a girl who eats and brings it up, a sassy little frassy with bulimia

wat would you do
if you kept repeating the same mistakes
over and over
and over
in weird way, its kind of.... fun. dont you think?
yeah. fun
hahahaha. its like i get a new lesson from it each time.
then why
does it happen over and over so bloody often

oh fuck, i want you.
who are you?

alright. my weird rant is officially over. last night i went to an opening party for an art exhibition. that was nice. everyone tried not to wrinkle their new topshop clothes and sipped champagne getting drunker and drunker but trying to hide it.
the actual exhibition was nice. people trying to intellectually comment on the art whilst simultaneously holding their drink and looking sexaaay so they could attract the rich stockbroker who is in too deep an affair with his blackberry to notice anyone.
hilarious shit right there!
the after is the best though. held at some dive on the lower east side. everyone chugging cheap vodka from plastic cups and even cheaper beer from soggy kegs. everyone dancing and looking like fools. party paparazzi. and everyone's too high to notice that a fucking amazing dj is spinning a good set. and someone sprays beer foam everywhere and then every girl finds herself a dirty, unwashed, yet strangley fuckable Manhattan hipster dressed in a plaid shirt and skinny jeans, smoking a joint.

lots of lovely love.

a british girl in brooklyn

Thursday, 15 April 2010


your waiting for your train to come in the subway and then suddenly you see a gaggle of young teenagers dressed in ''vintage'' plaid shirts, ''vintage'' band t-shirts ''vintage'' jeans ''vintage'' converse and ''vintage'' sunglasses. and they talk extra loudly about that flo and the m gig they went to last night at the bowery when everyone around them knows for a fact that last night florence and the machine DID NOT play at the bowery. hmmmm. that was this morning subway adventures. luckily we werent sharing a carriage


ok so my sixteenth was last night. oh my god. i didnt actually throw a big party or get a car or have a famous band play at my party (mtv style) but what i did do was take all my mates out clubbing and we danced the night away and drank and drank and i want to say a BIG thank you to my best friend C for sticking by me all night and having all the laughs this morning. to get rid of our hangovers we went to the starbucks that i lived opposite and bought pastries and coffee and hot chocolate. yum. hope everyone is going to have a happy thursday. im getting a slightly belated birthday present from my parents today, there driving up from chicago to give it to me. ahhh. hope its a good'un

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


had fun last night at a party. photos by william medina. djam was playing woo!