Tuesday, 11 May 2010

wasted you†h

well i've been a bit busy recently, taking care of hustling business and whatnot. i spent today eating avocados and listening to the rolling stones. yum. the other day i went to see chicago on broadway which is great! i havnt been to a show in the city since i first got here.

Monday, 10 May 2010


we black market. we black made

Sunday, 9 May 2010

my friend M really got me listening to this MIA song recently. i usually hate her but this isn't too bad and since i have lived in a small country in the middle that was suffering from a war (my dads job made us move there early in the decade i can relate. i remember having terrorist attack drills. no joke

indian tribesmen gamble spades, indian chicks, they get men laid, milk and honey, smoke high-grade, gold and diamond, gems and jade

Saturday, 8 May 2010


young folks


spent the night in the Village (Greenwich village for those non-new yorkers) with some friends and we went shopping and i bought a black faux fur coat and studded boots. also saw steve aoki spin some sets so that was nice except the hipsters were commenting on how mainstream the gig was. never mind. i bumped into a pretty boy in the street on lynch st and we had lunch together i had avocado salad. i havnt seen him since oh well. brooklyn boys are yum

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


What is on your Ipod/ bookshelf/ dvd player?
on my current playlist i have: local natives (see last post) temper trap, wolfmother, mumford and sons and bombay bicycle club. im currently reading 'the electric kool aid acid test' by tom wolfe and i dont have a dvd player but the last movie i watched was 'taking woodstock'

Do you have a LOOKBOOK account?
ummmm yepppp but i dont really use it that much - just for forums and shit
i have another personal account i use under my real name

Please Describe your accent!
well its cockney but apparently i have a bit of an american twang, according to my friends back in the uk

And when I can feel with my sun hands I'll promise not to lose her again

hello again. it's been a busy-ish day. I FOUND OUT THAT I KNOW a member of passion pit (ayad al adhamy) from school! he facebook messaged me asking to catch up because we used to be friends! i didnt even know he was in passion pit until he told me and then i googled it! wow. i completely lost touch with him after he graduated high school a few years before me and now we're both in brooklyn. so that gave me a mini heart-attack.
also i may need help in feeding a new obsession. The Local Natives. i have become so obsessed i got daniel to help me make a feather headdress and so he wore a sequin mask and played their music on an old boom-box and we got funny looks on the subway. i shall be seeing them at this years oxygen festival in ireland.
i have taken to wearing a dream catcher around my neck. because they are so pretty ahhhh.
and my mum likes fanny packs.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


1. the hazy sunlight at around 5pm
2. holding hands
3. dust
4. scratchy records
5. loose t-shirts
6. barefeet
7. green tea
8. tangled hair
9. slept in make-up
10. folk music

you take what is yours and i'll take mine