Sunday, 18 April 2010

reasons why i love new york, being young and ready to PARTY

1. paper crowns, cheap beer and dirty dishes seem so much nicer at 3am

2. You, always look good. even when you're hungover and have head your head in the toilet all morning

3. Every photo of you taken when you're drunk or high looks amazing and artsy

4. Sequins will never go out of fashion
5. Looking like a hobo is sexy

6. We stay thin
7. Everyday is halloween
8. We can kill anyone who doesnt think we're the best fucking thing ever

9. Glasses are even sexier
10. No matter how trashy we look in photos, its still beautiful

11. native american headbands + red hooker shoes + polaroid
12. We'll never choke on our bubblegum

13. We look like we belong in an old lomography photos from 1977
14. DJ-ing while mindlessly drunk is the newest cool thing
15. The beach at dusk, with no bottoms seems like so much more fun

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