Friday, 30 April 2010


swimming pools, corona extra, diet coke, converse, dancing, cheap wine, rich people, bare chests, vomit, messy hair, glitter, smudged eye-makeup, sex, washed up lovers, cheating, pimps, old cars, jack daniels, blackberries, downtown, electro, baggy t-shirts, short shorts, delirium, getting baked, filthyness, acid, bong, bubblegum, freckled, pounding hearts, brooklyn boys, thecobrasnake, freaks, getting turned on, dirrrty shows, rappers, glasses, all nighters, cd's, drunkness, dj's, fighting, the wild west, being broke, apartments, city lights, the rolling stones, mick jagger, kick out, noise control police, gaspard auge, stoned off our faces, the youth, i dont care, smashed, toilet fucking,

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