Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Ok, hello!
yes i have realised that i have practically been dead for the last four months. i have gotten numerous e-mails asking me why i had left and if it was for good.
here were go
i left basically because i had mock exams and was really very busy. then i had a lot of boy trouble and ended up ending a 1 and 1/2 year relationship. and then i sort of forgot about dear toothpaste.
but now i am back, yes i am. i promise. so dont un-follow or whatever because i will be updating as regularly as possibleeee.
heres a sort of update on whats happened to me recently

jan 10=me and T broke up. kinda of sad. and i moved across the universe!
feb 10=school work. living life. brief fling with D
march 10=went away to dubai (pretty far mates)to play music in an orchestra for a week such a good experience and met a load of new people
april 10= here we are

oh and ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. im eighteen. cant wait. i might be getting a tattoo. im still unsure of what to get. or if i will get one at all. i dont want to get one just for the sake of getting one because getting one will be ''cool''

and a few people has asked me if i could get a formspring.me and to be honest, i dont see the point. soooorrryyyy. buuuut you can just leave a comment or e-mail me (toothpastestripe@live.com) if you have a question or something mmkay?
i already have a few which i will post now

Why will you not tell us your real name?
basically, i just want to keep an anonymous front because, well, it keeps thing interesting and i dont know how i feel about my name being splashed everywhere. maybe later on in this blogs life i'll consider telling everyone my real name. though i dont know what difference it will make. but watch this space!

Drink? Smoke? Drugs?
yes/ only when im drunk/ yes

What subjects do you take at GCSE?
history, music, photography and german

keep brushing kiddies. happy tuesday

song to brush your teeth to: blackbird by the beatles

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