Monday, 3 May 2010


no i dont actually want hipsters to die. though it would be very convenient if they sort of.. migrated out of brooklyn or something. they clog up the thrift shops and act like they loved the smiths before '500 days of summer'. i actually have a self proclaimed hipster living next door to me and sometimes he comes into my flat at odd times and asks if he can use my toothbrush or show me a new band. he's nice but in a stuck up sort of way. the other day he left a plaid shirt (surprise surprise) on top of my fridge and it smells nice and sometimes i sleep in it. most of the time though he smells illegal. every so often i have a fantasy of being with him but then i remember im in love with someone else.. and hipster boy has models round all the time and i can hear them fucking. yum.

also i've made friends with a nice man named daniel who has a big bea
rd and looks like a fleet fox. he brings me sugar doughnuts and tea in the mornings and we sit at my window and listen to the radio because i cant afford a tv right now. i had a quiet day, i sat in central park and read the paper and on the subway i saw yet another pretty boy and we eyed eachother but then i had to get off at Clark St. hope life isn't being too harsh on anyone.
- brooklyn girl hmm i'm really taking to these catchy names. and i like this font.

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  1. new york hipsters are the 'real hipsters'. london hipsters don't even know what a hipster is x