Wednesday, 5 May 2010

And when I can feel with my sun hands I'll promise not to lose her again

hello again. it's been a busy-ish day. I FOUND OUT THAT I KNOW a member of passion pit (ayad al adhamy) from school! he facebook messaged me asking to catch up because we used to be friends! i didnt even know he was in passion pit until he told me and then i googled it! wow. i completely lost touch with him after he graduated high school a few years before me and now we're both in brooklyn. so that gave me a mini heart-attack.
also i may need help in feeding a new obsession. The Local Natives. i have become so obsessed i got daniel to help me make a feather headdress and so he wore a sequin mask and played their music on an old boom-box and we got funny looks on the subway. i shall be seeing them at this years oxygen festival in ireland.
i have taken to wearing a dream catcher around my neck. because they are so pretty ahhhh.
and my mum likes fanny packs.

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